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the path back is the path forward

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instructions? [flawed cartoon wednesday]

PullRipCord BIGcopy copy 2

remember that day in school when the teacher passed out timed tests and told you to have a pencil ready?  she or he specifically said to “read all the instructions first and read through the test before you begin.”  and then – silence.

you grabbed your pencil, chewed nervously on the eraser or the side of it, put your name at the top and started answering questions as fast as you could, skipping the instructions or reading through it.

you got to the last question and it read “go back to the beginning and put your name at the top of this page and only answer question 1” (or some other such verbiage nonsense like that.)  dang.

there’s something to be said for reading instructions.  patience, baby, patience.

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?!? was that securely fasten parachute then pull ripcord OR pull ripcord then…©️ 2016 david robinson & kerri sherwood

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“beak-y” [flawed cartoon wednesday]

idonothaveabignose jpegBIG copy 2

my sweet momma had a sweet nose.  but somewhere along the line my poppo, using a derivative of her first name ‘beatrice’ nicknamed her “beak” and, for a time, all hell broke loose.  she railed against his perceived slamming of her nose (which was actually a perky little nose) and was questioning of his continued use of his (now) beloved nickname when it irritated (“irked”) her.  “beak” morphed into “beaky” – the name by which everyone under the sun knows and loves her.  eventually, she even grew to love her nickname and proudly wore a gold necklace my dad had specially made for her (no, surprisingly, “beak” necklaces are not mass-produced!)  our sweet beaky-beaky.  ohmygosh, how i miss her.

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i do not have a big nose! i have an unusually small head!  ©️ 2016 david robinson & kerri sherwood

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welcome…. [flawed cartoon wednesday]

MiceWelcomeMat BIGcopy copy 2

we have had a recurring theme this past fall, winter and spring.  last week, while cleaning the burner plates on our old stove, i found a cache of dog biscuits hidden underneath.  now, you wonder how that happened?  next to our stove, we keep a beautiful pottery tray that judy gave us.  on it we keep dog biscuits (“cookies” we call them.)  since i have talked about mysterious appearances of dog biscuits before, i am sure you are connecting the dots.

oh yes.  somehow those little dickens carried about ten dog biscuits from the tray to under the burner plates.  they had little picnics under there, until they realized the weather under there was pretty arid, even acrid, as the dog biscuits turned darker and darker and were burned on the edges.  ummm….that could have been a disaster!  what on earth is babycat doing all day and night?  clearly he is not paying attention!if you'd like to see FLAWED CARTOON

so, as incorrect as this flawed cartoon may be, it really does make me laugh.  babycat needs to take a lesson…a little more cunning could go a long way.





hey! who got us a welcome mat? ©️ 2016 david robinson, kerri sherwood

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everybody has their thing. [two artists tuesday]

so, we were trying to have a nice backyard.  the pond, the deck, the grasses, the hosta, the barnwood planting stand, the old piano….we were headed in the right direction.  but then there’s dogdog.  he has this THING.  every time we let him out and michele and john’s dogs are out, he races around in a circle, digging into the grass that was there, creating a velodrome (kenosha is known for its velodrome, only not this one.)  we tried various ways to address this, to try and dissuade him from running around in the circle, from ruining the grass that we had painstakingly planted.

finally, we decided it would be far less painful for us to just embrace it.  i went online and ordered an actual highway sign (the european roundabout sign, because he runs clockwise every time and the roundabouts in our country are counter to that.)  we planted a few grasses, put up temporary rope to help the grasses have a chance, pounded in our new sign and sat back to watch.

i mean, EVERYbody has their thing.  sometimes it’s just easier to not fight it.  it’s easier to just, well, laugh.

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dogdog roundabout ©️ 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood

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you are what you eat [flawed cartoon wednesday]

revisedflawedcartoonPRIMARYimage BOX copy

snakehydrantproduct BAR.jpg

my big brother had a guitar in the olden days that i still pine for.  it was just a folk guitar, but he had painted it and applied stickers and graffiti’ed all over it.  one of my favorite sayings on this old guitar was “you are what you eat.”  considering that was the 60s and 70s, and rice-a-roni and kraft macaroni and cheese and other fabulous packaged pre-prepared foods were a way-of-life, he was way before his time.  now is a whole ‘nother story.

first following the whole30 precisely for the prescribed 30 days, we are over a year later still on a modified whole30 diet….not diet necessarily for weight (although middle age has changed the mighty metabolism) but diet for how we feel.  one of the joys of our weeks is to go to jen and brad’s and have “potluck dinner” together.  for two sets of people on distinct food diets, the fun of this is to bring all the leftovers you have and then just eat together.  we drink wine and tell stories of the week.  it’s total bliss!  we have talked much about the way we are now eating…we are infinitely more aware of what we buy and how we prepare it.

but there are those moments….and thank goodness for google…when we look up images or tell stories of twinkies and hostess cupcakes and reggie bars and m&m peanut candies and good ‘n plenty and buddig meats and wonder bread chip sandwiches…and relive the good old days.

if only i could find that guitar…

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uh-oh! are those fire engines i hear? & you are what you eat ©️ 2016 & 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood


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an acquired taste. [flawed cartoon wednesday]

flawedcartoonPRIMARYimage BOX_edited-1

flawedDateNightStoreBox copy

have you ever been there?

i have literally sat across the restaurant table (or the kitchen table or the living room or or or) from him, on date night or any other night or morning or day, staring at his face, thinking, “geeeeeeez. you are DEFINITELY an acquired taste!”  but then, a few moments (ok, or longer) go by and love swirls around me and i like him again.

i KNOW you have been there…whether on a date or with your significant other…the times you think “whattheheck??!!??”  thank goodness that is balanced out with “you are totally my type!!!” or there would be NO relationships in the world.

i’m guessing he thinks that about me too (but only RARELY.  lol.)


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acquired taste & you are totally my type products ©️ 2016 & 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood


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granny gps. [flawed cartoon wednesday]

granny gps jpegBIG copy

now, my sweet momma was pretty directive at times.  she knew what she wanted and was pretty specific about it.  even from the seat in her wheelchair in later days she would direct traffic or let you know exactly where she wanted to go and if you were doing it right.  then there was the electric wheelchair.  she got to be in charge.

it took scaling a mountain and zooming off into outer space and back to make all the arrangements that would eventually deliver an electric wheelchair to her assisted living facility.  but all of that fades in the memory of her phone call.  she had been practicing and practicing, trying to grasp how to make the chair go forward or turn or go backward without running into things or people.  we kept telling her, “you got this!” her confidence was thin and i know she felt like she would never really be able to master that chair.  until that day.

she called to say that she had gone down to breakfast.  in her chair.  alone.  and when she got there, a woman at her table told her about how there had been an author there, sharing her newly published book, reading, autographing; it had all been quite exciting, she told my momma.  my sweet momma looked at her, i’m sure smiling broadly and sitting up as straight as she could in her electric wheelchair and said, “that was me!”

never underestimate a granny gps.  there’s so much possibility.

so much possibility CANVAS copy

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granny gps & so much possibility ©️ 2016 & 2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood

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teachable moment. [flawed cartoon wednesday]

Grafitti BIGcopy copy

heidi, in moments of stress or joy, always asks, “what’s the learning?”  a good question to lead with, to sort with, a question that helps things make sense.

this Flawed cartoon, the picture of a teaching moment. good grief, there are so many! teaching moments. learning moments. every single day.

teachablemomentsPRODUCT BOX jpeg copy

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billy, there’s an “s” at the end of my name and idiot has only one “t”./what is the learning?  ©️ 2016/2018 david robinson & kerri sherwood


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call it in the air! [flawed cartoon wednesday]

MiceCheese Bigcopy copy 2

there is a dog biscuit on the floor in the laundry room in the basement.  i was about to put laundry in the washer when i saw it.  “hmmm…” i thought.  “what is a dog biscuit doing down here?” i wondered.   our courageous dog has never ever been in the basement.  he dislikes stairs.  he is an aussie and, well, if you know any aussies, you know that they have interesting….issues.  one of his, apparently, is that he doesn’t do tight stairwells.  so, knowing this, i am aware that dogdog did not bring a dog biscuit to the basement.  (not to mention the fact that had he had a dog biscuit in his mouth he would have consumed it.)

so.  the mystery.  i can only  assume that one of the mice we seem to have accommodated this winter carried this downstairs for a later snack.  when i picture a mouse carrying a milkbone i’m amazed by its tenacity – it had to be under tremendous stress with its milkbone-burden.  and…where did it get its milkbone from?  we have a tray with dogdog’s “cookies” in the kitchen; i shudder to think of a mouse sitting there evaluating which cookie to steal.  and…furthermore…there are no mouse…ummm….poopies (as i call them) anywhere nearby.  what to think….

by looking at the tiny bites off of dogdog’s cookie in the basement, i think that mice will go to great lengths for a snack.  i guess.

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call it in the air!  loser goes for it. ©️ david robinson