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obstacles make life interesting [two artists tuesday]

obstacles metal wall art“don’t let that stop you,” she’d say.  “remember the little engine,” he’d say.  i grew up with parents who encouraged me to not doubt myself or what i could do.  i hope that i made them (and are still making them  – even on a different plane of existence) proud.

i watch my own children, The Girl and The Boy, and think they have figured this obstacles-thing out.

The Girl texted me photographs.  she was in silverton, a vast expanse of ridiculously rugged mountains.  she had (i’m glad i knew about this AFTERwards) snowboarded down these giants.  she, literally, dropped off cliffs and boarded down the fresh powder, exhilarated and stoked.  her girlfriend said, “we can do it” and they did.  omg.  amazing stuff!  i am filled with awe.  and more than a little jealous, in an i-wish-i-could-do-that kind of way.  just the sheer chutzpah of it all is at the very heart of don’t-let-that-stop-you-little-engine-ness.

life is interesting.  always.  and obstacles are always there.  they make life more interesting.  yup.  get stoked.  rise to the challenges.

obstacles TOTE BAG

tote bags, mugs, beach towels

obstacles FRAMED ART

obstacles BEACH TOWEL

obstacles LEGGINGS copy



obstacles SQ PILLOW


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